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AWS re:invent 2021 - In person! 🤯

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I am so pumped about this, but also terrified!!

I have checked the FAQ's and there isn't much detail on COVID related rules when attending the conference.

I'd love to go, but I doubt my company will feel safe letting us travel this year, maybe next year 😭.

Anyone else making the journey?

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Helen Anderson

I'm going to wait and see as well. Even if the risk was very low I'd still have to quarantine for two weeks after returning which makes for a very long trip away from work.

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Jenna Author

Wow that would be a long trip, especially away from family too!

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Lee Wynne

totally agree, really looking forward to meeting you there in the future though @helenanders26 🤟

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Lee Wynne

Yeah I saw this, being from the UK I think we have zero chance of attending in person but also not sure if employers would allow it. Nov is a bit of yet so lets wait and see :D