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AWS changed my life and I want to ensure that I pass some of that energy on, reach back and pull someone up as they say.

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CloudWatch or CloudTrail?

CloudWatch is such a significant part of everything!

Gently down the stream with Amazon Kinesis

Thanks so much for this. Really good stuff πŸ™πŸ½

Gently down the stream with Amazon Kinesis

This is great. Do you know of any simple case studies of AWS ...

Hello everyone!

Hey Lorenzo! Why a cool name you have!!! Checkout @helenander...

Welcome Thread - v0

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Welcome friend!!

SNS, SQS, or both?

Always found SQS and SNS confusing Helen, great overview as a...

Which EC2 is right for you?

This is awesome Helen.

Of course 'AWS Bracket' isn't quantum alien tech.. πŸ˜…

It really sparks my curiosity, how it’s getting closer to rea...

Of course 'AWS Bracket' isn't quantum alien tech.. πŸ˜…

Got your hands on bracket yet @helenanders26 ?

What's in the bucket?


Don't you know who IAM?

IAM is one of the topics that can be a bit daunting to newbie...

AWS concepts from A to Z

This is brilliant, so valuable for newbies!

Welcome Thread - v0


Welcome Thread - v0

Hey Ben, Thanks for joining us! I’ll check Vantage out for s...

The easiest way to get started with AWS regardless of your background

The s3’sssss we all need the s3’s. Yeah it’s great, have you...

Welcome Thread - v0

Hey! Thanks for joining. AWS is a game-changer I wish I were ...

Welcome Thread - v0

Hey Joe, so glad to have you - really looking forward to foll...