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Thread - How can young people get free AWS credits?

lee profile image lee Updated on ・1 min read

Let me set the scene. Imagine that you’re young, not very well connected in the community, unestablished, unemployed and maybe from a disadvantaged background.

Assuming this person has a bank account and debit card (for most young people, there is a hard limit on overspend but it’s all you need to obtain to get an AWS account).

Who would young people need to contact and how quickly could they gain access to some free credits to get some practical exposure to AWS, for something that would go beyond the free tier?

What other AWS initiatives like AWS Educate and AWS re/Start are available?

I can imagine, as a young person / student, with a limited amount of cash in my bank account and not being fully comfortable with AWS spend, having a buffer of credits available would help significantly.

All comments and suggestions welcome, it would be great if this thread could act as a resource for information.

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