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Building & Deploying Static Sites

nkotov profile image Nik Kotov ・1 min read

Hi friends.

Static sites are sites that don't contain any dynamic server-side functionality. Some good examples are landing pages, resumes and personal projects!

Atomized's CTO Eddie Herbert wrote an article on the effort it takes to build and deploy a static site using AWS manually. Unfortunately the process is pretty lengthy. Don't fret though! We built a solution that you can use to deploy a static site (and build a CI/CD pipeline) for free, all within your AWS account in under 10 minutes!

Take a look here and let us know what you think.

Discussion (3)

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lee profile image

Great article. I have personal experience of the pain of publishing direct to s3. Does it also do all the SSL setup?

nkotov profile image
Nik Kotov Author

Yep. If you have an ACM cert setup (super easy if your DNS lives in Route 53), you can easily point it to the cert.

lee profile image

Ah that makes sense thanks!