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Cover image for Cyrus Wong wins $200 of free AWS credits

Cyrus Wong wins $200 of free AWS credits

Team Elastic Guru
The very team behind this amazing community with it's fabulous members ❤️
・1 min read

A couple of months ago we kicked started a giveaway campaign, all you needed to do to win was either mention us on Twitter with the hashtag #freeAWScredits or introduce yourself in our welcome thread with the same hashtag.

Congratulations to @wongcyrus - $200 of free AWS credits on the way to you.

Enjoy and please feel free to check back in and let us know in the comments (or a random post) what exciting AWS services you will be deploying with them.

free aws credit

We will be announcing a new $250 giveaway in the coming weeks so remember to follow us on Twitter or join the community to keep up to date.

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