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Cover image for The top 10 most viewed posts on The Elastic Guru so far.

The top 10 most viewed posts on The Elastic Guru so far.

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Hey everyone 👋🏼 ,

We hope this post finds you well. Here are the top 10 posts on The Elastic Guru so far, we hope that you find something useful 😇

Take care!

AWS concepts from A to Z by @helenanders26

What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)? by @jenna

I sat an AWS Certification exam online - here's what happened by @helenanders26

AWS VPC's for Beginners by @jenna

What's in the bucket? @helenanders26

AWS Cheat Sheet by @jenna

How to build a Ruby on Rails app on AWS for beginners - Part 1. @lee

As a newbie to code and ultimately AWS and CloudFormation, this might be the best book you'll ever read.

SNS, SQS, or both?

What do cats, AWS, machine learning, and neural networks have in common?

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