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Team Elastic Guru
Team Elastic Guru

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Your support, sponsors, our cause and how you can help. Newsletter #1

REMINDERS | from The Elastic Guru

You can help support our cause by sharing our community on Twitter 🙏🏼 tag us on all socials @theelasticguru

Please help us by publishing community content that will help young people get a seat at the AWS table.

If you have anything that we can give away, swag, free courses or AWS credits then let us know. If you know of a young person that would benefit from the community, please encourage them to get involved.

Our community is warm, welcoming, progressive, inclusive and friendly.

HELP | from the community

INSPIRE | .. help inspire someone by telling your AWS story

Tell your AWS story here. How you got involved, how it has changed your life and any tips to get going.

PODCASTS | to get you in the AWS groove

play pause AWS Morning Brief
play pause AWS Podcast
play pause The AWS Startup Podcast
play pause cloudonaut

SHOUTOUTS | people being awesome

Krissa Wood for the support and exposure on Slack and Twitter
Jeff Barr from the support on Twitter
Helen Anderson for cross posting some amazing content
All the new members that joined us last week.

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